We like people who do not have competitive ends to know our vision. Regardless of whether a person wants to only try 4 weeks or have more permanence, we always try to provide the best possible service, because each student is important.

They must be clear about their goals so that at some point they stop using these consulting services, they must develop healthy habits, learn to eat and thus maintain a balance in their daily lives so that their changes are for life and not just something temporary.

They should never be compared with the lifestyle of a person who is an athlete , since perhaps many of them live from that, dedicating more time and sacrifice than normal. For them this is more than a passion and a lifestyle, it could also be their economic livelihood. Several athletes forge a career in tandem with their sporting lifestyle.

During the time that they are under our services, we hope that they acquire as much knowledge as possible, so that they can generate their habits and be able to take their food on their own, without the help of third parties (including us). If a person decides not to continue with your counseling, regardless of the reasons for that decision, it is good that they finish reporting.

In a guide that we give to our students called "Reports" we point out that: "also do your last report, in order to give them some final advice". They may not be able to continue due to financial issues, but we could provide you with some advice on how to continue with your latest diets and/or routines. Or if the decision was made to test another advisor, the same. No one can take ownership of any person, since each person is free to choose where they are most comfortable and there should be no anger on the part of the trainer/coach when a student decides to terminate services.

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