01 | 01 | 2022

Athlete-focused programs


Performance in sports practice requires that the body be able to allocate as much energy as possible to the performance of the activity. Therefore, it must be absolutely healthy and have an extreme regenerative capacity that allows the athlete to print more intensity in training and fully recover for the next session.

In addition, to obtain maximum performance, one must go one step further and develop all possible body potential by controlling all physiological variables:

  • Trainings that provide the maximum transfer to the competition
  • Type of food appropriate to your morphotype, your metabolism and the demands of the moment.
  • Restful rest.
  • Specific supplementation
  • Hormonal Consideration
  • Follow-up under the Lifestyle Tracking modality

In turn, a program that seeks excellence contemplates the entire context of the athlete:

Adequate objectives, work team, space and family, immediate assumption of responsibility for acts in favor of improving as soon as possible, identification of virtues to exploit them and work on defects.

In short, StarrCoach's special program for athletes causes performance to grow with the health of the athlete, which by putting the context in order, adds peace, tranquility and happiness to the process and thus facilitates the focus on performance and expression. of all the potential.

StarrCoach's special program for athletes inevitably leads to sporting and vital success because it is 100% personalized, and there is a whole team of professionals who will be in charge of your constant monitoring, so that you are not alone in any process, if you forget register something 🚨 there we will be on you to remind you of our commitment.

We have experience in a wide range of sports 🧐, basketball, soccer, contact sports, strength sports, team sports, MTB, cycling, bodybuilding, swimming, and many more. Always at the forefront of scientific evidence and constantly looking for ways to improve not only the way we deliver our services, we also constantly expand our knowledge through a private library, which will be freely accessible to our academy students.

Shall we start working then? 😏

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