01 | 01 | 2022

Hormonal disorders


Hormones give us energy, keep us happy, help us sleep, conserve our body heat, and control hunger and satiety. They are in charge of regulating our menstruation, ensuring ovulation, controlling menstrual symptoms, starting menopause and, obviously, contributing to conception and pregnancy.

Despite its indisputable relevance, it is impressive how common disorders such as menstrual pain, oligomenorrhoea or amenorrhoea, or thyroid disorders are still addressed with such reductionist interventions as chemical castration using contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy.

This type of approach is devitalizing, makes you lose autonomy and leaves you “alone in the face of danger”. The reality is that there are different mechanisms of action associated with these disorders that, knowing them, allow us to approach the causes:

  1. Some years ago it has been shown that the type of metabolism of your endometrial cells regulates their functionality.
  2. Both local and systemic inflammations are the cause of many of the hormonal disorders that occur today.
  3. The endemic nutritional deficiencies of modern societies affect the good functionality of the glands
  4. Blockages in the elimination of hormones also play an important role in hormonal imbalances

Given this, there is nothing left to do but collect the extensive knowledge that current science provides to carry out interventions that allow these imbalances to be addressed in an integral way to lead people to the complete recovery of hormonal balance.

If you have a problem with your knee... will you go to a knee specialist or a general practitioner? Guess then where you should go, if you have a hormonal problem...

How do I know if I have one? Very easy, if you can't lose fat and you think you've tried everything... maybe, you need an expert in hormonal health 😏... shall we start?

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