Comprehensive advice

$60.000 CLP

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Comprehensive advice

Comprehensive advice

$60.000 CLP

More Details

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Comprehensive Counseling consists of a nutritional and training plan. Which are elaborated according to your objectives from an integrative perspective through the Lifestyle Tracking concept.

The nutritional plan is for 4 weeks, that is, one diet per week . This plan is made according to your goals and considering the types of food that you like. In addition, we are committed to your health, so if you present any pathology, the nutritional plan will be made according to it, in order to always ensure your well-being.

The training plan is designed according to your goals, times and tools that you have available, either at home or in the gym. These will be modified according to your progress. For this, a weekly report will be requested that must be fully completed in order to carry out the corresponding evaluation and the necessary modifications, which will always be in accordance with your objectives and the well-being of your health.

We have an app specially designed so you can see your progress, review your diets and routines. If you have doubts with any exercise, we have a wide variety of support videos that will help you execute them. In addition, you will have additional support guides and a direct chat with your coach to answer all your questions and much more.

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